Structural Engineering

Framing the Foundation, Bringing Visions to Life 

IMEG structural services bring to life the visions of the owner, architect, and builder, providing solutions that achieve project goals and meet complexity challenges. We combine a depth of experience designing varying foundation and framing systems with a set of specialized skills in large-span structures, heavy roofing loads and overhead cranes, seismic bracing, historic restorations, and building expansions. As industry leaders in the development and use of Revit structural software, our models easily interface with steel fabricators’ systems, saving significant time and money in the construction schedule.

With a structural team of more than 200, IMEG is one of the largest, award-winning structural engineering consultants in the country. From large, full-service projects to structural only services, our depth of design experience is extensive across various market sectors.

Market Facts

  • Top 20 Structural Engineering Firms
  • 500+ clients
  • 2,500+ projects (past 10 years)
  • $25 billion in construction value (past 10 years)

Structural Services

  • Framing Systems
  • Conventional and Specialized Foundation Solutions
  • Building Rehabilitation/Reinforcing
  • 3D Modeling Collaboration with Contractors
  • Critical Path Delivery Solutions
  • Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Seismic Retrofitting
  • Building Evaluations
  • Forensic & Diagnostic Services
  • Peer Reviews